Use, wash & co-mingle
(MUST have recycle emblem, numbered 1-7).
• Discard lid, rinse, flatten.
• Milk jugs - laundry containers
• Soda, water, juice
• NO plastic bags

Metal Cans
• Food and Drink containers only
• NO aerosol or paint cans

• Discard lid, rinse clean
• Labels can stay on.
• ONLY glass food & beverage containers e.g., peanut butter, pickle, wine, beer.
• NO ceramic dishes/mugs, drinking glasses, window glass, light bulbs

Paper: “
Use me, then stack me

• Corrugated cardboard (flattened)
• Newspapers and magazines
• Mixed (junk mail)
• Phone books and computer paper
• Cereal boxes (without liners)

Millbury Rubbish Removal Recycling Schedule

Click on the blue arrow boxes below to navigate months. Click here to download PDF calendar.

Important Recycling Information

Paper in plastic bags is not allowed by the recycle facility. Please use paper bags (or an easy-empty bin) for paper items.

In Massachusetts, recycling is mandated by law. Although we are not the "trash police" at MRR, we make every attempt to get your materials to the facility for recycling. However, proper preparation from the our customers is crucial.

For most materials, recycling makes good economic sense. This also benefits the environment, making it the best option by far. Other benefits include reduced energy costs, lower pollution clean-up costs and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.