Caring For Your Container

Keep your container clean by washing it with mild soap and water. You may also sanitize and control odors by rinsing with a diluted bleach solution and rinsing out thoroughly.

MRR trashcan

MRR Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is curbside garbage collection?
A: Carts should be placed at the curb by 7:00 AM on the day of service and
must be removed from the curb before nightfall on the same day. When a
cart is left empty at the curb, it is a target for vandalism and pranks.

If there is the possibility of a snow storm, please keep the cart a safe
distance from the road, so it will not be hit by snowplows or cars.

Q: What should I do if my container is stolen?
A: Report to the office immediately, by calling (508) 865-0446.

Q: What must I do about my container when moving or relocating?
The container is the property MRR. Each container is numbered and
assigned to your specific account. You are responsible for this container.
If you move, you must notify MRR to pickup the container or your account
will be charged.

Q: What is MRR's refund policy?
A: All sales are final; refunds will only be given when a customer notifies us that they may move and do so during a paid quarter or in the event of a death.

Q: Does MRR handle yard waste?
No. Do not put yard waste in your curbside container, as yard waste pick up is not part of your service.

Q: What items should not be put in my curbside container?
Do not put yard waste, construction, remodeling, metal, or demolition
debris in the container. Do not put concrete, dirt, rocks, sod, sand, plaster,
hot ashes, tires, automobile parts or batteries, chemical materials, toxic
materials, flammable items, or liquid paint in the container.

Also, do not place dead animals in your container. A request should be made
for dead animal pickup by calling your town's Public Works Department.

It is unlawful to place hazardous waste in the container.

All trash in the cart must be BAGGED. An average person should be able
to lift the bag without it breaking.